Paddle Hire Booking

We have Canadian canoes, sit-on top kayaks, and paddleboards available to hire.

We have now closed our online Booking system for the Hiring Service. But WE ARE STILL OPEN. If you would like to hire paddleboards, kayaks or canoes please email your request to [email protected] with the day and time and numbers of craft you would like to hire, and your contact phone number. We will contact you to inform you if the service can be organised for that day and help complete the booking.

Participants 8-17yrs of age must be accompanied by a responsible adult (18+). Min age is 8yrs of age.

Sit on Top Kayak (Single)
Two hours £25

Single sit on top kayak

Double Sit on Top Kayak (2 persons)
Two hours £35

Double sit on top kayak

Stand-Up Paddle Board
Two hours £30

Stand up paddle board

Canoe (1-3 persons)
Two hours £35

Canadian canoe

Where can I Paddle?

Anyone can paddle in Zone A which is marked by the two buoys straight out from the slipway. If you are paddling in Zone A please don’t go out of this area and make sure you can see the slipway at all times.

Zone B is for paddlers that have been on a minimum of a 2 hour instructed course. These paddlers may paddle up to the public mooring platform and around the back of the island. Please be aware of how far away you are paddling and the finish time of your hire.

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