New to Oulton Broad Water Sports Centre for 2023! Wing surfing is the latest sport to take the country by storm!

If you can stand up and hold your hands above your head then you can join in… this activity is suitable for children of 10 and above.

We will be offering three hour sessions for up to four people from Easter onwards.

Beginner wingsurfing

This initial course will teach you all about the kit, how to look after it and what everything is called. You will also learn how to use the wing and the board safely and – most importantly – have lots of fun!

Price is for three hours tuition, we provide the kit, wetsuit buoyancy aid – and the instructor!

Improver wingsurfing

Once you’ve learned the basics, it’s time to move onto the next level! This course will teach you how to travel in any direction and how to turn more efficiently. You will also learn how to pump the wing to gain more speed once you have mastered the skills from this course you will be ready for flight school.

Price is for three hours tuition, including the kit, wetsuit, buoyancy aid.

Flight School

Welcome to flight school! First flight, are you ready to get your wings?

When you have mastered the skills of wing surfing you are ready to try one of our foil boards.

This course will literally get you taking off and landing safely. There is no feeling like it as the board rises up out of the water and everything goes quiet and light. This course will teach you how to relax and ease the power out of the wing to glide back down to the water’s surface.

That’s it – you’ve earned your wings!

Flight School includes three hours tuition, kit, wetsuit, buoyancy aid.

Interested? Email [email protected] for more details and to book.

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