RYA Dinghy Stage 3

RYA Dinghy Level 3 (Start Sailing) Syllabus

This five-day course will teach you basic sailing skills, rope work and collision avoidance. By the end of the course, you should be able to tack and control boat speed and understand basic principles.
Course Assumed Knowledge: Basic knowledge and steering ability to Stage 2 standard

Section A – Practical Skills


  • Has wind awareness, knowledge of spars and rigging, parts of the sail, controls and foils.

Ropework can tie the following knots

  • Figure of eight
  • Round turn and two half hitches
  • Secure a rope to a cleat

Sailing Techniques and Manoeuvres

  • Has wind awareness
  • Has a practical understanding of the following manoeuvres
  • Reaching – sailing across the wind
  • Stopping – lying to
  • Controlling speed
  • Tacking – turning the front of the boat through the wind
  • Getting out of irons
  • Sailing upwind
  • Sailing downwind
  • Gybing – turning the back of the boat through the wind

Launching and Recovery

  • Can secure a boat on a trolley
  • Understand the principals of:
  • Wheeling a trolley clear of other boats and overhead cables
  • Launching and leaving the shore
  • Coming ashore and recovery of boat
  • Wind awareness ashore

Section B – Sailing Background

Sailing theory and background

  • Has awareness of other water users
  • Has basic knowledge of the rules of the road:

Clothing and Equipment

  • Knows the importance of personal buoyancy


  • Has awareness of onshore and offshore winds
  • Knows source of weather information and relevance of the information

Capsize Recovery

  • Understands basic theory (dry land or waist-deep water capsize)
  • Understands the importance of staying with boat
Andrew DronAndrew Dron
17:16 04 Jun 22
Just attended an RYA First Aid course that was informative, relevant and delivered in a friendly and inclusive manner. Booking was easy and all the staff were helpful and efficient. Recommended
Kay LawrenceKay Lawrence
16:02 04 Sep 21
Had a really fun first time paddle boarding. Everyone was so lovely and made us very welcome.Definitely going again.
Andrew PalmerAndrew Palmer
19:11 14 Aug 21
Great equipment, really nice and helpful staff. Had a great time paddleboarding on the broad.
Genevieve HarperGenevieve Harper
19:13 08 Aug 21
Staff were so friendly and helpful, good quality equipment and clean changing facilities. Weather was a bit windy but we still enjoyed ourselves
MrsR RMrsR R
09:38 01 Aug 21
Very friendly and helpful staff. Great facilities and excellent value for money. Nearby cafe in the park whilst the teenagers were paddle boarding and kayaking
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