Adult Paddle Course

Adult Paddle Course

(Canoeing and Kayaking)


British Canoeing 1 Star

The One Star is a flat water award that demonstrates an individual has basic boat control and foundation skills. The one star can be taken in any kind of paddle sport craft (e.g. sit-on-top, slalom C2, polo boat, sea kayak, racing canoe etc.)


British Canoeing 2 Star

The BCU Two Star is an improvement award that helps paddlers develops fundamental paddle sport skills on flat water. The emphasis is on gaining a breadth of experience, creating the desired movement of the boat and developing an   understanding into how the paddle, boat and water interact.


British Canoeing 3 Star

Aim: Successful performance at this level indicates that a candidate can consider themselves as an intermediate canoe paddler rather than a beginner. The candidate having demonstrated personal confidence in paddling open water in wind conditions of force 2 -3 and on simple moving water as part of a led group.


BC/UKCC Level 1 Coach

This course prepares paddlers to coach beginners at paddle sport level or to work under a qualified coach.


BC/UKCC Level 2 Coach

Developing on coaching skills learnt at level 1, level 2 ensures a greater theoretical and practical base of knowledge and skill to teach paddlers irrespective of discipline.

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